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The three things Honyaku Corporation pursues

  1. Pursuit of Accuracy

    With the focus firmly placed on achieving a translation that is faithful to the original text, the degree of accuracy is further improved through checks by native speakers and proof readers.

  2. Pursuit of Expertise

    From our database of 1,200 specialist translators, the individual with the most appropriate skill base is selected. For extremely specialized documents, a proof reader will carry out a detailed rewrite.

  3. Pursuit of Natural translation

    In order to ensure that the language used in the translation is appropriate to the intended purpose of the document, the translation will be refined by a native checker with specialist knowledge of the subject.

Service lineup

  • Legal (legislation and legal documentation)

    Documents translated by specialist translators are then double checked by legal proofreaders, ensuring that appropriate terminology has been used, and that no misinterpretations can arise from the language used. This service guarantees clients a reliable, accurate text.

    • Contracts
    • HR regulations / corporate regulations
    • Corporate charters / contractual conditions
    • Corporate governance
    • Certified copies of commercial registration
    • Ministerial orders / ordinances
    • Lawsuit documentation / judicial precedents, etc

    ※We offer litigation support language services particularly optimized for eDiscovery. Please see more details about eDiscovery:Click here

  • Industry

    A project team comprising translators equipped with specialist technical knowledge, experienced project managers, checkers and editorial operators is brought together for each job according to the skills required; this allows us to design an optimal work flow. Through the appropriate use of translation support tools, solutions can be designed that allow reference to previous and similar manuals, improve translation memory match, enable terminology consistency, shorten submission times, and mitigate checking work.

    • Automobile
    • Machine tools
    • Semiconductor devices
    • Precision devices
    • Home electronics
    • Software, etc
  • IT

    IT translation is unique in that the field itself is so fluid, with information constantly being updated; IT translations need to be both fully up-to-date and consistent with previous translations. Honyaku USA examines the text for translation carefully, before selecting the optimal translators and software combination to ensure the best possible translation.

    • Localization
    • Network information documentation
    • Software manuals
    • Specifications, etc
  • Pharmaceuticals & science

    The translation of texts in the medical science and pharmaceutical fields demands high-level specialist knowledge and accuracy. Our expert translators work to produce top quality texts to fully meet client needs.

    • Academic papers
    • Adverse event reporting
    • Case report forms
    • Standard operating procedures
    • Drug package inserts
    • Medical certificates
    • Medical device manuals
    • Medical publications, etc
  • Patents

    We offer a comprehensive and high-quality patent translation service, with the necessary technical and legal documents handled by specialist translators with proven and field-specific expertise and experience. Our tailored service will ensure that your global patent needs are met, providing you with documents of a high professional standard suitable for perusal by experts at intellectual property departments at manufacturers and at patent offices.

    • Patent specifications
    • Patent gazettes
    • Statements of position
    • Written answers
    • Notification of reasons for refusal, etc.
  • Energy/Environment

    Our company offers translation of documents relating to thermal, hydro, wind, solar, nuclear, and other energies, as well as global warming, water shortages, soil pollution, air pollution, and other global environmental problems. Our translations of cutting-edge technical papers/reports, regulation documents from various countries, and environmental reports are evaluated highly by leading energy companies and environmental consulting firms.

    • CSR reports
    • Environmental reports
    • Sustainability reports
    • Documents relating to various environmental regulations (REACH, RoHS, ISO, etc.)
    • Water quality & air pollution
    • Recycling
    • Nature conservation
    • Hazardous substances
    • Wildlife, etc.
  • Finance/Economics

    Honyaku USA provides translation of documents published by banks, securities companies, insurance companies, and other financial institutions/corporations. These documents include information regarding exchange, stock, and bond markets, as well as investor-oriented explanatory materials for financial products. As with legal documents, financial-related translation demands a high level of accuracy and expertise in the field. Furthermore, as the nature of the financial industry requires quick information, speedy delivery of translation is essential.

    • Financial statement summaries
    • Annual reports
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • M&A-related documents
    • Company prospectus
    • Business reports
    • Internal auditing documents
    • Performance reports for stocks, etc.
    • Materials for financial results briefings
    • Securities analyst reports
    • Investor-oriented research reports
  • Multilingual

    From English and Japanese into multiple global languages, or from multiple global languages into Japanese. Whatever your multilingual needs, we use our strong global network to select the most appropriate native translators, and ensure that the finished documents reflect the background and culture of each target country; this ensures your requirements are met with translations able to communicate to target audiences smoothly and effectively. Multilingual translation solutions are available for general fields and specialist disciplines.

Work Process/Work flow

Work Process (Example – Translation into English, requires some editing)

  • Client

  • Sales Representative

    A Sales Representative will interview the client in order to establish their specific requirements for the translation, such as the intended use and purpose of the document.

  • Sales Coordinator

    A Sales Coordinator will then analysis the original document for translation, and establish whether there are any potential problems with the software used, potential issues with subsequent translation, and whether or not there is suitable translation aid software that can be used.

  • Production Coordinator

    A Production Coordinator will then select the most appropriate translator, native checker and DTP operator according to the content of the document, and will coordinate comprehensively an effective and integrated production process.

  • Translator

    An experienced and specialized translator with proven ability will translate the document.

  • Checker

    An experienced checker will check and, where necessary, rewrite the document to ensure that the translation is as accurate and advanced as possible.

  • DTP Operator

    A specialist Operator will then edit the document as required according to the intended use, such as for a manual, catalog or website.

  • Proof Reader

    A proof reader will carry out a comparative check of the text, and a final check of the entire document, including layout.

  • Production Coordinator

    The Production Coordinator oversees the entire translation schedule, from translator to proof reader, and manages the process in order to ensure that the translation is delivered to the client by the appointment time of delivery.

  • Client

-Interpretation Services-

We provide high-quality interpretation services in the ideal format for your needs

Interpretation formats

Consecutive interpretation
A method in which content is translated in stages, with the speaker stopping while the interpreter translates. While this takes twice as long, it is ideal for settings such as internal meetings, press conferences, and business negotiations that require accurate interpretation of fine details.
Simultaneous interpretation
Content is broadcast to the listeners’ receivers by microphone from a booth. The speaker does not need to stop their flow of speech, allowing the meeting or event to proceed smoothly. This method also enables simultaneous progress in many languages.

Languages offered

We offer English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, and a wide range of other languages.

Work Process

  • 1. Inquiry

    We ask you to provide information such as the nature of the job, date(s), time, place, language(s), interpretation format, and persons involved.

  • 2. Suggestion of Interpretation Service

    We suggest a suitable skill level, number of interpreters, and necessary equipment according to your needs.

  • 3. Order

    We create a quote according to the conditions we have suggested.

  • 4. Prior Confirmation of Details

    We select the interpreter(s), provide you with information, and confirm the day’s schedule and any prior consultations. We will also ask you to provide reference materials.

  • 5. On the Day

    A HONYAKU supervisor will attend if necessary.

  • 6. Follow-Up

    We will ask you whether our service was to your satisfaction and reflect your feedback in our future work.

Interpretation Fields

  • IT (communications, programming, security, software, hardware)
  • Medicine (medicine, pharmaceutics, biology, medical equipment, chemistry, biochemistry)
  • Technology (industrial machinery, precision equipment, automobiles, semiconductors, civil engineering, construction)
  • Finance (securities, banking, budgets, settlement, financial reports)
  • Law (law, contracts, compliance, patents, labor)
  • Business (conferences, negotiations, presentations, business trips, seminars, interviews)