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HONYAKU USA Recruitment

Honyaku USA constantly recruits home-based translators, checkers, and DTP operators.
For job application/ inquiries to become a Honyaku USA staff, please contact us by filling out the application form on the service site below.
Translation service site (home-based translators, checkers, DTP operators, and localization engineers, etc.)
*Now we are mainly recruiting English-Japanese/Japanese-English translators.

Registration flow from applying
Input & data transmission to the application form
Screening with profile
Trial guidance from Honyaku USA
Only those who have passed the screening by profile
Trial examination
Registration guidance from Honyaku USA
*Only those who have passed the Trial
Submission of the required documents
*To get registered as a Honyaku USA staff, you are required to take our own Trial, and obtain more than a certain performance level.
*For questions, please contact us by E-mail ( Contact by phone is not accepted by us.
*In some cases, we might keep you waiting for a few days until notifying the profile screening result after your job application. Please acknowledge it beforehand (especially for year-end and new year holiday season, the waiting time is expected to become longer along with the long-term holiday).
Application Form
Objective *Required
(multiple choice allowed)
Translator Translation checker Native checker DTP operator Localization engineer
Name *Required

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Email address *Required

Specialized language *Required
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English-Japanese Japanese-English French-Japanese Japanese-French
German-Japanese Japanese-German Italian-Japanese Japanese-Italian
Spanish-Japanese Japanese-Spanish Portuguese-Japanese Japanese-Portuguese
Russian-Japanese Japanese-Russian
Traditional Chinese-Japanese Japanese-Traditional Chines
Simplified Chinese-Japanese Japanese-Simplified Chinese
Korean-Japanese Japanese-Korean
[Other] Please type in the translation language.

Education *Required

Biograph *Required

*In addition to your educational background and work experience, please write your concrete
translation experience as much as possible within your permissible range, such as where
/ on what translation you have worked, and what you have translated as a freelance, etc..
Translation work experience *Required

Please select the applicable range of your translation work experience.
*Please inform us the number of years you have translated as occupation.

Translation field *Required

Please select your specialty areas with expertise.


*If you own the translation support tools such as Trados, please let us know your track record and its version with your ownership.