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CEO message

Takeshi Harada
Honyaku USA INC

Why do people live, and why do they work?
I believe that we do not live and work for ourselves, but rather for other people.

The power to change the great sorrow that matters of human life and death can cause into hope for the future. The power to transform great hardship into the courage needed to realize our dreams. As a company, we know this to be the power and the potential of language.

Translation, the process of turning powerful words in one language into an equally powerful message in another language, is our way of contributing to the global community. Indeed, HONYAKU USA was established in Los Angeles here in the US in order to enable us to make those contributions greater and more widespread. It is my hope that the translation services we provide here in Los Angeles will transform into a reviving breeze that blows around the globe.

HONYAKU CORPORATION, the parent company of HONYAKU USA, was established in Japan 40 years ago. Since then, working under the slogan of “quality means everything”, it has built a reputation as a leading company in Japan’s translation industry. Today, HONYAKU CORPORATION remains committed to facilitating the continued globalization of Japan.

Company Profile

Company name HONYAKU USA INC.
Address 3528 Torrance Boulevard, Suite 209, Torrance, CA 90503
Tel: 310-316-6900
FAX: 310-316-6905
CEO Takeshi Harada
(Vice Chairman and Director, Japan Translation Association)
COO Makoto Harada
Type of business Translation, interpretation, editing, printing, and staffing services
Stockholders Honyaku Corporation
Affiliated company

Honyaku Corporation
(Translation, interpretation, and staffing services)
9th Floor, Suzue Baydium Building, 1-15-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-0022 JAPAN

Principles of Management

  1. 1. Best Communication
  2. 2. Change as Chance
  3. 3. Selfless Spirit
  4. 4. Realization of Hopes and Dreams